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How to get all of the Deadpool comics

  1. Get a program like BitTorrent
  2. Make sure you have a program that can unzip files too. 
  3. Download a program that can open comic RAR files - I use Comical, but you can use whatever one you prefer.
  4. Open up this page and scroll down until you see a list of download options. Click the one circled in this picture: 
  5. Make sure the torrent starts downloading in BitTorrent - or your preferred program for such things.
  6. Wait until its 100% complete; if it says ‘Seeding,’ right click it and select ‘Stop.’
  7. It should be completely finished downloading; double click on the name of the download inside BitTorrent (or your preferred torrenting program) and it’ll open up all the files. 
  8. Copy all the files/folders, and paste them to whatever folder you wish to store them in.
  9. Congratulations, you now have all your Deadpool comics! To make sure you can open them fine, double click on one of them; if it’s okay, then you’re all done!

(I noticed you were having trouble downloading them; this way is guaranteed to work, trust me! It’s also much quicker! And it’s the one I used!)

(submitted by theregeneratingdegenerate )

Thank you again!

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